Florida's Daughter

About Muriel Lenore ~ Florida’s Daughter

Hi, I’m Muriel Lenore Sims and I write In Other Words, a blog that serves as a platform for debate and information helpful to women as they make their way through complex lives first as girls and women, and then as wives, mothers, grandmothers, and workers. In this space I hope to address a myriad of issues pertinent and important to the post modern woman’s life from marriage to parenting to career development to the pursuit of and obstacles often present when a woman is in search of personal growth and fulfillment

I am a professional journalist, magazine editor, and public relations writer with more than 15 years of practiced experience. In August 2008, I was awarded my Master’s of Arts degree in Women’s Studies, an interdisciplinary field dedicated to studying the historical, cultural, literary, and societal role of women and gender, from Texas Woman’s University. Pursuit of the degree developed my understanding of how inequalities are created and reproduced, and how societal change has addressed problems of discrimination and marginalization.

In 2008, I entered the teaching profession as a substitute teacher. I am now working towards passing my teacher certification exam in hopes of one day teaching English in my own class of middle school students.

All I am I owe to my mother … This blog is dedicated to her memory.

I am the eldest daughter of the late Florida L. Pettie Gregory who passed away more than 35 years ago in Chicago, IL. I am in my second marriage; I am mother to two adult children; stepmother to three adult daughters; grandmother to four, and step-grandmother to 10.

I look forward to conversing with you over the coming months!


2 Responses to "About Muriel Lenore ~ Florida’s Daughter"

You are insightful, strong and a motivating force in my life. I am so very proud of you a not just because we are family. luv ya cuzn -T

Beautiful essay, Muriel! My thoughts and prayers are with you for your recovery. I’ll be going through a lumpectomy on the 17th.

Have you thought about publishing this piece elsewhere? My writing group is sponsoring a contest to publish essays and poems in our second anthology. See http://www.sowingtheseedsdetucson.org for more information about us and the contest.

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