Florida's Daughter

I’ve Asked God for 30 More Years …

Posted on: December 8, 2009

Since I last wrote, I’ve made another trip to the emergency room and I’ve received a blood transfusion because my iron levels were too low. Given the heart attack I experienced in April, my oncologist is being extra careful about my heart, and so am I. She decided to order the transfusion after I began experiencing chest palpatations/pains.

I’ve spent a lot of effort writing about the negative aspects of breast cancer, of discovering that an alien endavador had taken up residence in my left breast.

I’m happy to announce that as far as my doctors and I are concerned I am now “cancer free” — an official “survivor.” God blessed me to find the lump early and when my physicians went in during surgery, the cancer had not moved beyond its original point of discovery. It had not moved to my lymph nodes (Great!) and it appears I made the right decision to remove both breasts since undeveloped cancer cell were discovered during the pathology exam of my right breast.

I cannot express often enough the necessity of early detection for both breast and prostate cancer … access is the key word here my people!!

I’ve asked God for 30 more years … I’ll take more if it’s given. But I understand in a way I never did before that I am living a finite life, and while no one wants to sit around thinking about their ultimate demise, I understand much more intimately that we are each provided with a set number of years, determined while we were still in our mother’s wombs.

What I will do with those years is yet to be determined, but with God’s help and grace, it will all work out just fine.

Florida’s Daughter


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