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God gives us the spirit of fear, too

Posted on: September 8, 2009


Many Christians are under the mistaken notion, to paraphrase Kirk Franklin, that storms are God’s way of punishing us. But I too submit that this is not true theology, that rather it is a form of Christian thinking that more reflects how we treat one another, rather than how God treats his/her beloved children.

Just as plants require sunlight and warm weather to grow, we too require rain and darkness over the course of a day, of a season in order to become the flowers we were meant to be.

So no, I don’t believe God did not give us the spirit of fear. She not only gave us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love, and determination, and courage as well. Even Jesus, who we esteem above all, acknowledged the spirit of fear possessing him when he asked God to remove the challenge that was before him. 

Often we are afraid to admit our fear, to embrace it and acknowledge it because we don’t want to appear weak, vulnerable. But sometimes that’s where we are, and fear is just what we feel.

Florida’s Daughter


1 Response to "God gives us the spirit of fear, too"

God’s word states that he did not give you the spirit of fear.

I personally know that to stay in fear is a choice.

No one will ever be able to dictate to you how to feel. So, I won’t try.

I just want you to try something. Try to embrace his word and trust what he says long enough to experience the result.

I know for a fact that when I am afraid and I express my fear and then surrender it to the Lord, it all goes away and I can see the hand of God work.

Please try it. I guarantee you will free yourself and experience the power you have within.

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