Florida's Daughter

I Dream of Cancer

Posted on: August 17, 2009

I wake up in the mornings, or from a nap not quite sure of where I am, or what I’m doing. These are very vivid dreams …

This morning’s dream was of me in a classroom … teaching, of course. In the beginning of the dream, another teacher and I were preparing for the students to arrive. They came in; they sat, and then for some reason somebody gave me a hampster-like animal to hold and take care of. I decided to take the animal outside, but before I could get it to the ground floor of what was obviously a high rise building, the darn thing fell down the elevator shaft.

Once on the ground, I grabbed ahold of the hampster, but now it was really big, really, really big and it was white. I was trying to hold onto it, but it kept getting away from me. Finally, I had it cornered, but then it bit me on the finger and that’s when my eyes opened.

I’m no interpreter of dreams, but I find it interesting that the dream-animal resembles a rat. I am horribly afraid of rats, mice, hampsters and anything that looks like a rat.

I’m tired of dreaming about cancer.

Florida’s Daughter

How my mind imagines Cancer

How my mind imagines Cancer



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